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Newport Beach Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage, Newport Beach, California

Prenatal Massage is designed for women during pregnancy to help relax their muscles and reduce some of the aches and pains they may feel in their bodies.

Prenatal massage therapy is beneficial in many ways. It can help to relieve the tension and pain experienced by expectant mothers in the muscles of the lower back, neck, and shoulders. It can also help to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Prenatal massage is good for expectant mothers, but studies have shown that it can also benefit the baby. Massage has been shown to help babies develop healthier and sleep better.

It works so well that I used it on my wife for all FOUR of our kids! (Yes, all four! 😏)

OC Massage Therapy, Javier Gallarzo

The Results:

  • She had little to no pain
  • It helped with her Sleep!
  • It Made Me Look Like A Hero! 🥰

Many times, prenatal massage can even reduce the amount of medication needed during labor!

How’s It Done?

Medical professionals think that the safest and most effective position for prenatal massages is with the woman lying on her side, and this is the best massage technique we use here!  Typically, prenatal massage is recommended after the first trimester, which is what we adhere to as well. 

During the second tri-semester, the massage is gentle and usually administered with the woman lying on her back – a small, soft cushion may be placed under the lower back for extra comfort.

Swedish massages are suitable during pregnancy since they involve light pressure, aid muscle relaxation and improved blood flow & circulation. This sports massage technique uses long strokes in the same direction as that of blood flowing to the heart.

Sometimes, massage therapists may utilize reflexology and other therapeutic techniques too.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress.”

Pregnancy massage, often used in conjunction with a session of Trigger Point Therapy, focuses on specific pressure points.

This approach can help pregnant women have easier labor and delivery by targeting areas of tension and promoting overall relaxation.

Prenatal Massage Therapy Benefits

The objectives of a prenatal massage align with those of a regular massage: the aim is to assist you in unwinding, reducing stress, and targeting any spots of discomfort or tension. The result is a sense of calm and equilibrium in both your body and mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated after your session.

Prenatal massage offers more than just relief from stress and anxiety; it can also alleviate common discomforts experienced by expectant mothers.

These include swelling in the ankles, pain in the lower back, leg cramps, and headaches.

For women with normal, low-risk pregnancies, prenatal massage can be highly beneficial.

However, those with high-risk pregnancies should seek advice from their doctor or midwife before starting any massage therapy program.

So, if you are pregnant and looking for a way to relax and feel better, consider prenatal massage! Relax and feel better, consider prenatal massage! While I’m based in Newport Beach, we serve clients from all Coastal Orange County cities, including Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach & More!

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