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Ted Enache
Ted Enache
I was fortunate to meet Javier because our daughters attend the same elementary school - he's got such amazing personality; hard not to love the guy; and I didn't even get to the best part; he's got magic hands! I have always been the guy who joins his better half at the spa for a massage 1-2x per year - but, I am aware of the amazing health benefits of regular massage therapy! (given that most of us are parents and deal with great amounts of stress on a daily basis) - I have been seeing Javier every 4-6 weeks and I feel just great - he has helped releave stress, tightness and muscle pain from my upper back, shoulder and neck area; also my hips (due to my arthritis) - COMBAT THE DISEASE OF SITTING BEHIND A DESK!! Workout, healthy meals and visit your friendly Massage Therapist!! TED E.
Lisa Wagner
Lisa Wagner
Javier is a magician when it comes to prenatal massage! He is HANDS DOWN the best massage therapist I had between my two pregnancies. Javier is intuitive and isn't afraid of deep tissue techniques, which us preggo mamas need with all the aches and pains that arise. He's warm, caring, authentic, and friendly. And, he's great at picking up on if you're in a talking mood or just want to zone out and be silent. I am eternally grateful for the support and healing he provided during this pregnancy, and highly recommend him!
Leanne Colton
Leanne Colton
Javier was recommended to me by my neurologist because of severe migraines and Fibromyalgia. I see him weekly and am seeing great results! Less headaches and decreased Fibro pain! Javier is very knowledgeable and knows how to give therapeutic massages that are fitted to help with your therapy needs. I would recommend him to anyone! He’s awesome!
Stacey Gamble
Stacey Gamble
I have been seeing Javier for prenatal massage throughout my pregnancy. I’m down to my last 2 weeks and am so grateful to have had him to help me through all my growing aches and pains. I would highly recommend Javier for prenatal and I can not wait to have one of his regular massage services in a few months.
Lauren Grande
Lauren Grande
Best prenatal massage! It’s hard to find a masseuse that has the right pressure to relieve the aches and pains while still giving a relaxing massage. I’d highly recommend Javier!
Rachel Shores
Rachel Shores
Javier is the absolute best for prenatal massage. I had been going elsewhere for prenatal massage, but my experience at OC Massage Therapy was MUCH better. I have been coming in regularly throughout my pregnancy, and he has helped me get through all the aches and pains! Although Javier charges much less than spa prices, the atmosphere in his office is as calm and relaxing as a spa. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable, safe, and respected, which is so important for a woman getting massaged by a man. He isn't afraid to really work on you hard, but he knows what he is doing and is very careful to avoid anything that would actually hurt you or the baby. If you like to talk during massage he will keep you entertained, but if not, he will be quiet and help you relax. Parking is super easy - across the street from Fashion Island, but it's in a medical office building with its own parking.
Elizabeth Comerford
Elizabeth Comerford
Great service and great prices!! I was immediately impressed when the owner came out to greet me while I was waiting in the waiting room. The massage itself (I went to a woman named Jessica) was wonderful and totally worth the money. Absolutely will go back!
Sevanna Shahbazian
Sevanna Shahbazian
Javier is exceptional good at what he does! I’ve been to see him several times for emphasis on the neck and shoulders and he works his magic every time. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting any sort of massage therapy. On top of his skill he is always so polite and I genuinely look forward to my appointments so much
Andrea Eader
Andrea Eader
August, 2018 - Andrea Eader - Testimonal Massage Theraphy How I came to trying Massage Theraphy. It all started with having Disk Buldge back surgery, which was successful. On the third month of recovery I started tripping and falling. Come to find out it was my left foot that dropped. Started Physical Theraphy for few months until I was improving except for my right foot also dropped. I started looking for other options and noticed that there was a Massage Theraphy adjacent to the Physical Theraphy office and I asked my physical therapist if she thought Massage Theraphy would help Me for improving circulation in my legs, plus massaging my muscles and nerves. She said, great idea and Introduced me to Javier with OC Massage Theraphy Professional in Newport Beach. Javier is the most caring, friendly and very knowledgeable about all issues. I would not be as far as I am In my healing if it hasn't been for Javier working on my Peripheral Neuropathy which I am still under his care. So grateful to Javier that I found him and I truly believe he will help my progress in getting better. You will never regret having Javier helping you through any healing progress you may have. Javier is the Best!! -Andrea Eader
Erin Wilhelm
Erin Wilhelm
Javier gave me one of the best massages I've ever had. I went in for 90 minutes, and asked for full body deep tissue, with an emphasis on my shoulders, neck, and upper back as these are particularly tight areas for me. Javier seemed to intuitively know what my body needed -- how much pressure to use and how to manipulate the muscles so they would release -- and I left feeling more relaxed and open than I have in a long time. I re-booked immediately and am so pleased I have found my Southern California massage therapist! I highly recommend Javier.

“I have suffered from migraines for years and tension headaches are just an added bonus for me. The massage I received from Javier, with his brilliant trigger point work was able to relieve the tension throughout my upper body. My daily persistent headache has become minimal and I feel like I can function again. I am able to sleep better and live a normal life. I have found the best massage therapist. The best part about this is he comes to me and I don’t have to leave my home to get treatment. Saves time and gas!‎”

– Tiffany F., Irvine, CA

“For many years now I have had difficulty with pain from old injuries. Javier at OC Massage Therapy takes an approach rooted in physical therapy and rehabilitation, which is essential for my type of muscle problems near joints that have been impacted over time. I really value expertise and knowledge of muscles, connective tissues, and how they attach to the skeleton. Maybe this sounds overly detailed, but I need someone who can understand what I’m talking about, and OC Massage Therapy is at that sort of expert level! Thanks!

– A. Kelly, Lake Forest, CA

“I wanted to say thank you for giving my son Mitch such a great massage.  He was in a massage coma for most of the day, his sinuses drained clear into the evening.  He had been clogged up for days. He slept until 1pm the following day, and felt so good he was ready to do laps around the pool.  I really appreciate the work you did.  He definitely needed it. Thank you.

– Sue Duran, Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy (WIN), CA

“Javier was so professional.  He made sure to get to know my level of comfort and my “trouble” areas before beginning the massage. Afterward, I was so relaxed. So glad I found OC Massage Therapy”

– Nicole F., Riverside CA

“If you are looking for a great masseuse – Javier is it!  I was looking to get my boyfriend an at-home massage, but didn’t know of any and didn’t have any referrals.  I took a chance, searched online and found Javier.  To my delight – my boyfriend LOVED his deep-tissue massage.   Both my boyfriend and I will be returning to him for massages in the future!”

– Mindy, Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA

Javier is hands down the absolute best massage therapist I have ever been to!!! He is super friendly and professional. I started seeing him a year ago when I was pregnant. He was able to help me with my sciatic pain. I saw him all through my pregnancy and continue to see him after. I usually go for an 1.5 and is so worth it every time. He has a clean and cozy suite in a new location. If your looking for a great relaxing massage Javier is your guy!

Anna S., Santa Rosa, CA

Never cease to amaze me how gifted he is. The minute he puts his hands on me – he knows how to fix me.

He is so talented and understands anatomically where all the muscle and tendon attachments are so he’s really able to work out those knots in those painful spots on my back.

Thank you Javier for always making me feel so much better when I walk out compared to when I arrive.”

Amy C., Irvine, CA

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