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Who are we?

Orange County Massage TherapistOC Massage Therapy was founded by Javier Gallarzo in 2010.  Javier brings to the table experience at Start Physical Therapy in Newport Beach CA with extensive experience in the strengthening muscles, stretching connective tissues, and prevention of future injuries for his clients.

While working at Start Physical therapy, Javier recognized the benefit of deep tissue massage that was incorporated in the *mobilization of the body’s 200-300 joints and bones.

Javier attended and excelled in his massage therapy training at W.I.N. (Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy) with rave reviews from his clients and instructors.  With a strong background in physical therapy, and his extensive training at W.I.N. – Javier will be name to be reckoned with in the OC Massage Therapy Industry.

While Javier is well versed in many massage techniques, he prides himself on his Swedish and Trigger Point massages.

*Mobilization is a hands-on manual therapy designed to restore joint movement, power, and range of motion. The therapist gently coaxes joint motion by passive movement within or to the limit of a joint’s normal range of motion

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