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In Home Massage

5 Fantastic Reasons To Get an In-Home Massage!

Want to enjoy a relaxing, professional massage without leaving the house? Here are 5 compelling reasons to book an in-home massage with us.

1) Total comfort: Psychological studies have shown that people are most comfortable in surroundings that they are used to. Sure, massage parlours are designed for supreme comfort and relaxation but no place on earth can beat the warmth and cosiness of home sweet home. Moreover, you do not need any special massage equipment for an in home massage. We provide everything including a portable massage table. As long as you have a room, electricity and water – you’re good to go. Give us a ring and let our professional massage therapist work some magic – You will forget that the world exists! An in home massage can be arranged at a hotel, your place of business or almost any other place. Call us – We are more than willing to accommodate special requests! This type of massage is ideal for couples and if you want to surprise a family member with an unusual, memorable gift.

2) No driving to and from the spa: Do you really fancy navigating through traffic after a calming massage? An in-home massage is perfect as it does away with the hassle of parking and driving. After your massage is over, you can simply go to sleep or get into a hot bath. Wouldn’t you prefer that over pollution, traffic jams and honking?

3) Bad weather cannot spoil your plans: Is it raining or snowing or just too damn hot outside? Sometimes, people are so stressed that they do not feel like dressing up and dealing with stuff like coats, shoes, keys, dressing, undressing etc. Don’t let bad weather or tiredness prevent you from getting pampered. Book an in home massage and enter a world of enchanting sensations.

4) A brilliant party or corporate event idea: Want to treat your guests or employees to something special? Book massages for multiple people at your home or office and get fabulous deals and discounts. Most events are boring affairs where people just eat, drink and gossip. Add some originality and zing to your party by giving free massages to guests. They will definitely acknowledge your gracious gesture and talk about it forever. Let your employees know that you care by organizing monthly, bi-monthly or weekly massages for them. A massage session (per person) can range from just a few minutes to a full hour or even more.

5) Complete peace of mind: All our massage therapists are highly qualified, experienced and perform their duties while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and politeness. We carry out all the necessary background checks before hiring a therapist. Your safety and satisfaction is our prime concern. We only use state-of-the-art, industry approved and clinically tested equipment. We believe that a massage is not just a luxury but a form of holistic treatment that alleviates stress and rejuvenates not the just the body, but also the mind and soul.

An in home massage costs less that you think, especially considering the fact that you save fuel and time. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get ready to experience nirvana!