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Corporate Massage

Corporate Events/In Office Massage: Let Your Employees And Guests Know You Care!

What better ways to pamper your employees and guests than in office or corporate massages? Not only that, in office massages will help you to save money and increase productivity (read on to find out how). We have packages to suit a variety of budgets. A small investment in the well-being of your employees will pay off exponentially in the long run. Check out these undeniable benefits of in office/corporate massages.

1) Make the office a place that your employees love being at: By offering free massages, you will boost the morale of your employees. They will actually LIKE their workplace instead of dreading it and treating it like a necessary evil! This alone will set you apart from the competition as happy employees are more efficient and productive. Look at some of the most successful modern companies on the planet (Apple, google etc.) They invest heavily in the well-being of their employees by offering them a chance to engage in games and even giving away free food!

2) Stop worrying about employee retention: You are well aware that it takes a substantial investment in time and money to interview, hire and train employees. Companies lose money when an employee resigns and goes to work somewhere else. It means that now, the company will have to hire another person and spend more money to train him/her. All this is bad for business. However, when your employees love their jobs, they are more likely to continue working with you. You will have to worry and spend less on employee retention!

3) Reduce healthcare costs: 15 minutes in a massage chair can reduce employee stress by as much as 85% percent. Not only that, massage therapy is highly effective in lowering high blood pressure and alleviating chronic pain. It can also help to deal with problems such as arthritis, fatigue, mental strain, insomnia, headaches and so on. According to statisticians, corporate massages can help businesses to cut down healthcare costs by a staggering 33%.

4) Make more money: Since your workers have healthy joints and tendons, they are less likely to call in sick. Massage also boosts the immune system by increasing white blood cells that are needed to combat infections. Also, when employees are not stressed at work – they don’t need to take a day or two off just to clear their head! They will have a better attendance record and all this will translate into more money in your and their pockets!

5) Create a congenial environment for growth: Pressure, deadlines, holiday seasons, tax month all take their toll on workers. This leads to a gloomy atmosphere at the work place – everybody is irritable and snappy. Massages can help deal with pressure since they trigger the secretion of happiness hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin! As a result, the office becomes a lively, positive space wherein individuals can learn, contribute, grow and help grow!

6) Hosting a party of a corporate event? All parties feature the same old drill – people eat, drink and talk more than they should! Make yours unique by giving employees and guests free massages.

Call us for the best discounts and deals on corporate/in office massages! We’ll make it our life purpose to make your business more productive! Trust us to put ear to ear smiles on the face of your workers.

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