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Welcome to the home of Orange County’s most therapeutic massage located in beautiful Newport Beach. sunset1

The best way to rejuvenate your aching muscles and relax your mind!

Modern massage therapy has now evolved to incorporate many techniques and is a recognized form of alternative treatment. It is all part of a holistic approach to medicine and caring for your entire body that looks at the overall health of the client in a comprehensive way.

Everyday tasks can take a toll on our limbs, back, and neck. Regular massage care does more than just provide temporary relief or momentary relaxation. It provides muscle therapy with demonstrated, lasting effects.

Treating your body may be a luxury, but it is also essential for your physical and mental well-being. Our approach is based on the principles of physical therapy and myofascial release. Consider us to be your best source of treatment and information in managing the side effects of daily life and getting the most from it!

OC Massage Therapy is located in Newport Beach across the street from Fashion Island.  We provide massage in our facility as well as in-home massage sessions throughout the Orange County, California area.  For more information about our company please see the below links.


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