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Customer Testimonials

“I have suffered from migraines for years and tension headaches are just an added bonus for me. The massage I received from Javier, with his brilliant trigger point work was able to relieve the tension throughout my upper body. My daily persistent headache has become minimal and I feel like I can function again. I am able to sleep better and live a normal life. I have found the best massage therapist. The best part about this is he comes to me and I don’t have to leave my home to get treatment. Saves time and gas!‎”

Tiffany F., Irvine, CA

“For many years now I have had difficulty with pain from old injuries. Javier at OC Massage Therapy takes an approach rooted in physical therapy and rehabilitation, which is essential for my type of muscle problems near joints that have been impacted over time. I really value expertise and knowledge of muscles, connective tissues, and how they attach to the skeleton. Maybe this sounds overly detailed, but I need someone who can understand what I’m talking about, and OC Massage Therapy is at that sort of expert level! Thanks!

A. Kelly, Lake Forest, CA

“I wanted to say thank you for giving my son Mitch such a great massage.  He was in a massage coma for most of the day, his sinuses drained clear into the evening.  He had been clogged up for days. He slept until 1pm the following day, and felt so good he was ready to do laps around the pool.  I really appreciate the work you did.  He definitely needed it. Thank you.

Sue Duran, Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy (WIN), CA

“Javier was so professional.  He made sure to get to know my level of comfort and my “trouble” areas before beginning the massage. Afterward, I was so relaxed. So glad I found OC Massage Therapy”

Nicole F., Riverside CA

“If you are looking for a great massuse – Javier is it!  I was looking to get my boyfriend an at-home massage, but didn’t know of any and didn’t have any referrals.  I took a chance, searched online and found Javier.  To my delight – my boyfriend LOVED his deep-tissue massage.   Both my boyfriend and I will be returning to him for massages in the future!”

Mindy, Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA

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